Anna Hughes

Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Mentor


Anna was born and raised in Hong Kong of Chinese-Welsh parentage. Growing up in multi-cultural Hong Kong gave her an instinctive feel for different peoples and a lifelong deep interest in socio-cultural anthropology, women’s empowerment and ethnic spirituality which she combines in dedication to her life’s work.

Nineteen years ago, she was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. She devoted herself to work as a healer and spiritual teacher, applying spiritual energy to everyday life to achieve remarkable results in on-going wellness and prosperity for her clients worldwide. She now focuses on teaching awareness and empowerment through intensive immersion courses and strategic progressions for private and corporate clients.

Anna is the founder and head of the Anna Hughes Organisation, and that incorporates Ultimate Woman and One Touch Inspiration, the originator of the Beyond Limitation, a series of inspirational conferences. Her philosophy of the power of unconditional love as the energy of creation adapts ancient wisdom to modern-day life situations.

Personal Consultation with Anna: Healing and Readings

Anna is known for the accuracy of her intuitive readings, using these with great humor to mentor individuals and inspire each to heal through growth responsibly, quickly and often permanently. Typical sessions start with her intuitively scanning the body for energy blockages, assisting you to come to the clarity of your own truth and inner wisdom – the foundation of all permanent healing. Her skill at placing context into a situation leads you to speedily resolve conflict within yourself and with others. Areas for healing, growth and development include personal situations, family, social and business relationships and/or business situations. She can move you beyond fear and self-limitation and lead you to make new, often more-dynamic, choices. Your body, indeed the whole of your life, then very often heals itself.

Anna Hughes