Christa Ohly

Energy Healer


Following her initial education, she studied Psychotherapy, Advanced Kinesiology, Meridian Energy Technique, Craniosacral Balancing and also Chakra and Aura Balancing and Reiki. When she experienced working with clients, she realised that she had the power to heal people and practiced alongside various healers to learn more about it.


The Divine Spine Straightening

Spine and body straightening, pelvic obliquity correction with leg length adjustment and spinal column with straightening of the shoulder blades, all problems of the spine and musculoskeletal system such as crooked pelvis, unequal legs, unbalanced shoulders, slate neck, axial rotations and arched lumbar.

Meridian Energy Technique (MET)

MET includes a gentle tapping on certain meridian points that resolves energy blockages. It finds application in fears and phobias of all kinds, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHS), depression, resignation, jealousy, stress, feelings of guilt, grief, trauma, anger, eating disorders, weight problems, inhibitions, addictions, sleep, allergies, asthma, joint and limb pain, headaches and migraines.

Craniosacral Balancing

This is ideally suited to successfully reduce the symptoms of stress.  Through gentle touch and soothing techniques, the immune system and the forces of the autonomic and central nervous systems are activated.  Craniosacral Balancing helps assist with head and back pain, migraine, vision and TMJ problems, stress and its sequelae, and insomnia.

Aura - Chakra and Energy Work

Our subtle field (aura) is a highly sensitive information and perception system. Each of the chakras controls its associated organ functions and acts simultaneously on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. Therefore, our well-being depends on whether these chakras are cleansed of negative, blocking embossing and each chakra is balanced.

Chiva-Som Hua Hin Christa Ohly