Christophe Cappon

Yoga Instructor


Known for his precise teaching style, tangible knowledge and ability to transmit with openness, curiosity and wit, Christophe looks forward to helping you break through limitations and start loving yoga.

Originally from Canada, Christophe is an accomplished Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher with 14 years of experience. Christophe is fluent in English, French and Spanish and currently shares his time between Thailand and Europe. 

Yoga Foundations

Break down the essential elements of a healthy practice to get your yoga off the ground. Expect step-by-step instruction, progressive sequencing and personalised modifications.

Acrobatic Yoga

Blend yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage into a thrilling practice that cultivates trust, playfulness and Instagram post-worthy poses which you never thought possible.

The Master Class

A series designed for those who want to progress, and fast. Brace yourself for precise instructions, manual adjustments, advanced tips, strong work, lots of fun, and a passionate call to be your be

Christophe Cappon