Danchai Chernprateep

Independent Healer & Meditator


Danchai helps guests to experience the moment of releasing those redundant energies seated right under our unconscious psyche and cleanses the mind at a deeper level of consciousness. As a result, a higher energy refines and strengthens their signature energy.

The Art of Re-Programming Your Signature Purposefully.

To bring you back to a natural and healthy state of life. With psycho-spiritual self-assessment, we can find the root cause of energy blockages or leakages.

Our responses to all external stimuli are highly influential to the mental, emotional and energetic blueprints of our body. Our body’s biochemical and physiological functions alter according to our stress levels and attitudes, as well as the memories we have collected throughout our lives. Not surprisingly, our energy pattern becomes mutated along the way. When our signature energy alters, we are no longer living our lives the way we set out to.

Experience a moment of release from those redundant energies. Unmask your unconscious psyche and embrace mind-cleansing at a deeper level of consciousness. Welcome in a higher energy that bathes, refines and strengthens your signature energy.

This treatment is performed in a deeply relaxed, semi-awakened state of mind. Vibration therapy tools such as Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and Tuning forks, among others, are employed in this treatment to facilitate and transcend your consciousness into a deeper meditative state.

Danchai Visiting Practitioner at Chiva-Som Hua Hin