Nicholas Harris

Clinical Hypnotherapist


Nicholas Harris holds an Honours Degree in Artificial Intelligence, is a Master Level Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist.  These fields form the basis of Nick’s unique sessions that explore the power of consciousness for healing.  Nick has helped thousands of people to heal emotional pain over 23 years of international practice. He is returning to Chiva-Som on a regular basis.

Emotional Healing

Every emotion is created in the mind and can be healed with the mind.  In these transformative therapy sessions, you will heal emotional pain and improve your emotional wellbeing.  The result is an improvement in relationships, release of habits and addictions and increase in general happiness. 

Releasing Trauma

Trauma is any past experience that did not feel safe and that still holds an emotional charge when you close your eyes and think about it today.   Unhealed trauma affects us in many ways, manifesting as constant background anxiety and forming the emotional patterns that can control our lives.  Every trauma can be healed safely and naturally, often in a single therapy session.

Weight Loss

Real weight loss comes from a place of self-love.  Hypnotherapy will help you to lose weight by resolving the emotional obstacles to weight loss, creating a genuine desire to exercise and eat healthy foods, and teaching you how to set clear and scalable goals that you can maintain.

Insomnia And Stress Management

Explore your emotions and resolve the causes of stress in your mind.  Increase self-confidence and create life balance from the inside-out.  Learn practical tools to improve sleep, increase productivity and create space inside.

Relationship Therapy (Couple’s Session)                           

Relationship therapy resolves disconnection and strengthens connection between partners through conscious communication, exploring shared values, achieving forgiveness for the past and healing the personal traumas that often arise in relationship.  Loving empowerment is set up against a fresh understanding of what a relationship is.




Nicholas Harris