Nicholas Harris

Emotional Healing and Inner Work


Nicholas Harris has helped thousands of people to heal emotional pain over 18 years of international practice. His private sessions integrate Counseling, Hypnotherapy, NLP, EMDR and applied Tibetan consciousness practices. Nick is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and returns to Chiva-Som on a regular basis.


Stress Management and Insomnia

Inner work resolves the causes of stress in the mind.  The client learns how to create life balance from the inside-out, improving sleep and maximizing productivity.  Learn how to create space in your mind and step into (and out of) different life roles so that you sleep deeply again.


Weight Loss

Real weight loss comes from a place of self-love and a desire to get in shape.  In these sessions, you will resolve the emotional obstacles to weight loss and create a genuine desire to exercise and eat healthy foods - alongside setting goals that you can achieve and feel good about.


Healing Trauma and Emotional Pain

Everyone is affected by unresolved emotions from the past.  A trauma is a life experience that did not feel safe and upset the status quo of your life.  Unprocessed trauma results in anxiety, habits and addictions, and influences personal relationships.  Unhealed trauma repeats across generations.  Every trauma can be safely and quickly healed in the mind.


Relationship Therapy Couple’s Session              

Couples sessions strengthen the flow of love in a relationship through the resolution of pain and conflict, forgiveness for what has past, and the enhancement of communication skills. Loving empowerment is set up against a backbone of a new understanding of what a relationship truly is.

Nicholas Harris


  • April 16th - April 30th
  • November 15th - November 30th
  • November 16th - November 30th