Paul Emery

Health and Wellness Coach


Paul has been a Therapist since 1994. This treatment was created by Paul after curing himself of severe anxiety and social phobia that lasted 35 years. He has worked for Chiva-Som since 2002 and helped thousands of guests, including royalty, doctors and rock stars. He is the co-author of 2 bestselling Amazon books with Jack Canfield & Brian Tracy, and a 'Global Wellness Day' speaker. He has also been featured on Fox, Sky, Australia’s Channel 9, and in Vogue, Forbes, Women’s Health, Marie Claire, OK! Hello, Elle, GQ, Harper's Bazaar.

Would You Like to Have Greater Emotion Control, Peace and Happiness to Live the Life You Truly Want and Desire?

Unfortunately, these are stressful times for many. People find it increasingly challenging to be at their best on a consistent basis because something often holds them back from having A Peaceful Mind. Perhaps it’s something related to work, a personal relationship conflict, a trauma, a fear, disturbed sleep; something that just keeps on impacting their life.

About a Peaceful Mind

Although communication is part of the process, this is not talk therapy. You will experience a gentle body-mind treatment that relieves emotional and behavioural responses with groundbreaking neuroscience and psychology, that includes updated ancient Chinese practices developed by specialists for over 40 years. These techniques are proven to swiftly target the amygdala, the part of the brain where emotional responses are chemically stored. Specific therapeutic touch alongside visualisations bring about the positive changes you desire, alongside greater emotional resilience and peace. You’ll find A Peaceful Mind to be rapid and effective. Most people notice a significant reduction of their challenge within a couple of sessions.


Paul Emery